Millermatic® 350/350P

SKU: MillerMatic 350

First single- or three-phase power Millermatic that welds material from 22 gauge to 1/2 in thick in a single pass. Perfect for fabrication, manufacturing, maintenance and repair.

General Information: 
  • New! Aluminum Pulse Hot StartT automatically provides more arc power to eliminate a "cold start" that is inherent with aluminum starts. (Millermatic 350P only)
  • The smartest, most productive Millermatic ever!
  • Adjustable Crater feature optimizes crater size for steel, stainless and aluminum applications.
  • Crater Time Delay allows deactivation of crater feature for tack or small welds.
  • Superior Aluminum Performance on thin material as low as 19 gauge with a direct connection for optional XR® push-pull guns or Spoolmatic® spool guns.
  • Exclusive Gun-On-DemandT Allows you to use either a standard MIG gun or a Miller Spoolgun without flipping a switch. The machine senses which gun you are using when you pull the trigger. No upgrade is required. Machine comes spoolgun ready right out of the box.
Standard Accessories: 
  • Power Source
  • Bernard® Q300 15 ft (4.6 m) MIG gun with extra CenterfireT contact tips
  • 10' Industrial power cord (without plug) for single- or three-phase
  • 10' Work cable with clamp
  • Factory-installed dual gas solenoids
  • Argon mix regulator/flow meter
  • Industrial power cord and plug
  • Factory-installed running low mounted running gear/cylinder rack
  • 030/.035 in reversible dual groove drive rolls


  • Requires 1-Phase Power
  • Rated Output

  • 300 A at 32 VDC, 60% duty cycle, 1- or 3-Phase
  • Welding Amperage Range

  • 25 - 400 Amps
  • Wire Speed

  • 50 - 700 IPM (1.3 - 17.8 m/min)
  • Net Weight

  • 181 lb (82 kg)