M 3000 Electric Concrete Vibrator

SKU: 0005845

Economical concrete consolidation for every need

The electrically driven HMS system is extremely versatile. These high frequency flex-shaft internal vibrators can be adapted to every type of application. Heads and shafts can be easily combined and rapidly exchanged to match the right equipment to the job. Unique hybrid heads offer optimum concrete consolidation and movement. Wacker Neuson HMS systems provide reliable performance and quality concrete.

General Information: 
  • Lightweight, but rugged unit preferred by operators.
  • Double insulated and grounded motor improves safety.
  • Dual air filters extend motor life and allow for easier maintenance.
  • High frequency and amplitude of the vibrator head on the Head, Motor, Shaft (HMS) System ensures more complete consolidation of concrete.
  • Motor airflow from rear to front prevents dust buildup that would otherwise cause motor damage.
  • Standard quick disconnect coupling on motor facilitates shaft exchange. No troublesome threading or stripping.
  • Standard 60 Hz electrical power.
Max. HP: 
3.1 hp
Rotation Speed(rpm): 
16500 rpm
Power Supply(V): 
115 V
8.1 kg
20 A