Food Service Maintenance Tools

SKU: Food Service Maintenance Tools

Unger floor care and cleaning tools provide simple solutions
for a variety of cleaning tasks.

General Information: 

    Floor Scrapers(Light-duty, Medium-duty, Heavy-duty)

    • Angled scraper heads for better performance,
      greater control and strength.
    • Reversible blades with a sharp and blunt
      side for varying surfaces and dirt levels.
    • Ideal for removing chewing gum, tape, glue,
      or wax residue.
    • Ideal for industrial cleaning.
    • Ideal for removing floor coverings, like carpets,
      tiles, PVC, or thick adhesive residue.

    Floor Squeegee

    • Made with solid 14 gauge, powder-coated
      steel frame.
    • Available in widths of 18-36".
    • Straight or curved blade.
    • Ideal for removing large quantities of water,
      mud, debris, shavings and snow. Red rubber
      is ideal for removing oil, acids and
      industrial chemicals.
    • Is ideal for removing liquids off of
      uneven floors.