BFS 1350 AL Gasoline floor saw

SKU: 1350 ALS

This floor saw offers 2 in 1: The infinitely adjustable cutting depth feature in combination with the unique cutmatic system. This special mechanism allows the operator to pull the blade out of the cut with no effort and cutmatic remembers the exact preset cutting depth! Because of this the cutting depth does not need to be readjusted when lowering the blade once again into the next joint. This helps to carry out cutting applications faster, more precisely and more comfortably.

General Information: 
  • Smooth cutting and directional stability is achieved due to the optimum position of the machine's center of gravity. The result: High degree of economy thanks to the reduced lateral wear of the cutting blade.
  • Powered by easy to access, jobsite proven, EPA approved engines with automatic low oil shut-off and cyclone air cleaner.
  • Efficient and economic cutting blade drive: Long service life and low maintenance costs due to heavy duty belt and belt tightener.
  • Large integrated, removable water tank with over-sized fill opening and adjustable sprinkling system and large capacity.
  • Length x width x height:1058 x 604 x 1052 mm
  • Weight: 136 kg
  • Disc diameter - max.: 500 mm
  • Arbor diameter: 25.4 mm
  • Nominal blade speed: 2200 1/min
  • Peripheral blade speed at Ø 350: 40.3 m/sec
  • Peripheral blade speed at Ø 400: 46.1 m/sec
  • Peripheral blade speed at Ø 450: 51.8 m/sec
  • Peripheral blade speed at Ø 500: 57.6 m/sec
  • Cutting depth - max.: 18.5 cm
  • Tank capacity (water): 28.0 l
  • Drive engine: single cylinder 4-stroke gasoline engine
  • Manufacturer: Honda
  • Displacement: 389 cm3
  • at: 3600 1/min
  • Power: 13.0 hp
  • Fuel consumption: 4.3 l/h
  • Tank capacity (fuel): 6.5 l