Sub-Scanner™ M12™ Cordless

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The SUB-SCANNER™ M12™ Cordless LITHIUM-ION Detection Tool is a heavy duty pistol grip detection tool for professional commercial and industrial applications. Powered by the Milwaukee M12™ REDLITHIUM ™ battery, the 2290-21 can detect rebar up to 6" deep in concrete, as well as the location and depth of materials beneath gypsum, ceramic tile and marble. In addition, the SUB-SCANNER™ M12™ Cordless LITHIUM-ION Detection Tool has a four wheel design for durability and smooth, accurate measurement. The 2290-21 is covered by the Milwaukee 5-Year Warranty.

General Information: 
  • Measures Depth and Location of Rebar Up To 6” Through Concrete
  • Detects Location of Wood, PEX, PVC, and Metal
  • Differentiates Between Steel (Ferrous) and Copper or Aluminum (Non-Ferrous) Metals
  • Embedded AC voltage detection to identify the location of live wires
  • Scans through gypsum, OSB, ceramic tile, marble, and concrete
  • Voltage 12V
  • Wood Metal Stud (Depth) 1-1/2 inches
  • Plastic (Depth) 3 inches
  • Non-Ferrous Metal (Depth) 6 inches
  • Ferrous Metal (Depth) 6 inches
  • Displays Metal Depth Yes
  • Stud Edge (Wood Metal) Yes
  • Stud Center (Wood Metal) Yes
  • Differentiaties between Ferrous/Non-Ferrous Yes
  • Position Accuracy-Wood 1/4 in
  • Position Accuracy-Non-Ferrous 1/2 in
  • Position Accuracy-Ferrous 1/2 in
  • Position Accuracy-Depth 1/2 in
  • Scans through Gypsum Yes
  • Scans through Tile Yes
  • Scans through Marble Yes
  • Scans through Concrete Yes
  • Displays Stud Position Yes
  • Scan for AC Electrical Yes
  • Auto Calibration Yes
  • Basic Accuracy Varies by material
  • Display Resolution 0.5"
  • Backlight Yes
  • Display High Contrast White on Black, Dot Matrix
  • Non-Contact Voltage Yes
  • Rugged Overmold Yes
  • Indication Visual (for NCVD)
  • Switch Type On/Off Button
  • Charge Time 30 Minutes