XAS 750

SKU: XAS 750

XAS 750 oil-injected rotary screw compressors provide reliable compressed air for general worksite air, road construction, sand blasting, ice blasting, painting, pipe renovation, shipyard work, large irrigation maintenance, and concrete applications to name a few.

General Information: 
  • Smallest footprint in range - ideal size and weight for transporting.
  • Global support for one of the most trusted brands in the industry.
  • Exceptional access to all interior components.
  • Extra durability and stability when in tow.
  • Better road performance at high speeds when it tow.
  • Very easy to use control module (40 different languages) allows operator to have controls, diagnostics, discharge valves, and pressure regulating valve all in one location.
  • Meets latest EPA requirements.
  • Option which improves fuel consumption an additional 10-15%.
  • Added safety for operators.
  • Less horsepower required than the competition leading to less wear and tear, and better fuel efficiency.
Engine Type: 
Cat. 6.6 acert
Air Flow Rate: 
Fuel Tank(l): 
291 L
Operating noise(dB/A): 
76 dB/A
3000 kg
Fuel Consumption: 
31 L/Hr