Shopmate™ 300 DX

SKU: 300dx
General Information: 
  • Single-phase MIG or DC multiprocess capability for
    versatility with outstanding arc performance in CV mode (MIG)
    and CC mode (Stick and TIG).
  • Process selector switch. “Operator-friendly” single
    process switch eliminates confusion caused by several switch combinations.
  • Large, dual digital meters enable the operator to preset
    weld voltage in CV mode and amperage in the CC mode before striking an arc.
  • Arc control adjusts inductance to optimize MIG arc performance.
  • Lift-Arc TIG™ allows DC/TIG starting without the use of high-frequency. Starts the arc without contaminating the weld with tungsten.
  • Input Power 1-Phase Power
    (primary power cord not included)
  • Rated Output 250 A at 30 VDC, 60% Duty Cycle
    300 A at 32 VDC, 40% Duty Cycle
  • Amperage Range in CC Mode 5–400 A
  • Max. Open-Circuit Voltage 80 VDC
  • Voltage Range in CV Mode 10–35 VDC
  • Weight 177 lb (80.3 kg)