Mark VI

SKU: XR Control

Compact, multiple operator systems supply a complete solution to your demanding multi-arc welding requirements. Four or six modules are available in one rugged steel enclosure.

General Information: 
  • Multiple capabilities CC or CC/CV Versatility and outstanding arc welding performances in both CV (MIG) and CC (TIG and Stick). CC/CV module has a high quality arc for welding with cored wire. CC module has the same great arc characteristics as the Gold Star® 302
  • Four to six, easy to remove and connect welding modules, can be paralleled for higher output
  • Steel Frame - weighs less than one ton, fits through 36 in door.
  • Adjustable arc control prevents sticking electrodes. Electrode compensation circuit ensures arc control regardless of electrode size.
  • Line voltage compensation keeps output constant, even if primary input power varies by 10%.
  • 14-pin receptacle provides quick, direct connection to Miller wire feeders and accessories.
  • Hot StartT feature easily starts difficult electrodes
  • Optional Low OCV in CC/CV modules reduces maximum open-circuit voltage to 26 volts in CC and CV modes when not welding.


  • Requires 3-Phase Power
  • Rated Output

  • 450 A at 44 VDC, 100% Duty Cycle
  • Dimensions

  • Height: 65 in (1651 mm)
  • Width: 56-3/4 in (1442 mm)
  • Depth: 34-1/4 in (870 mm)
  • Net Weight

  • Mark VI: 1825 lb (828 kg)
  • Mark VI-2: 1575 lb (718 kg)