Bobcatt 250


This high weld output engine drive is the standard for Stick and Flux Cored welding! The rugged Bobcat 250 has the power and the key features that help you turn a profit.

General Information: 
  • New! Quietest engine drive in its class. Fully enclosed case protects the engine and decreases sound levels by 1/3 over previous models. Removable service doors provide easy access for engine maintenance.
  • 10,000 watts of Accu-RatedT - Not Inflated generator power. Cranks out enough power for most applications: job site, farm/ranch, or home.
  • Multiple Process Capabilities. Only Miller provides multiple process capabilities - AC and DC welding - so you don't have to limit yourself.
  • New! Better Welds with Tri-CorT Technology. Delivers smoother weld output, improved Stick arc performance and decreased spatter with 7018 electrodes. All without sacrificing the already excellent performance with 6010 electrodes
  • New! Larger Fuel Capacity. 12-gallon tank can keep the generator running for 14 hours with a 4000-watt load. Exclusive Smart Fuel Tank is designed to minimize the chance of back splash when refueling.
  • Rated #1 in Reliability, the Bobcat is the welding industry's most popular choice.