High Access Telescopic Poles

SKU: Telescopic Poles
Telescopic poles come in various lengths with ergonomic handles. Safe cleaning from the ground saves time and money.


A whole range of tools for dusting, cleaning and maintenance fit onto the Unger telescopic poles. With these tools, work can be done safely from the ground, without the need for a ladder.

General Information: 
  • Solid, lightweight telescopic poles are made from extruded aluminum.
  • Easy locking mechanisms secure poles at desired lengths.
  • Provides safe and easy cleaning of hard-to-reach places and high access areas.
  • Unger telescopic poles allow you to work safely, cleaning windows up to 30 feet while staying safely on the ground.
  • The Unger Locking Cone ensures safer operation, as it keeps tools locked firmly in place.
  • Most accidents with ladders are caused by improper handling.
  • Always check whether cleaning from the ground is a safe option. If not, discuss safe alternatives and corresponding costs with your client.
  • Always insist on safe working conditions.
  • Always choose the safest way to work. Ladders should not be the automatic first choice simply out of convenience.
  • High Access Adapters